Mammal Descriptions

Here you will find information about the 64 wild mammal species found in Pennsylvania. Select a category in dark blue to see a list of species.  Click on a species' name in light blue to see additional information and images.  For a printable mammal checklist select the following.  

PA Mammal Checklist (PDF)


Dogs & Foxes - Canidae

Beavers - Castoridae

Deer - Cervidae

Rats, Mice, & Voles - Cricetidae

New World Opossums - Didelphidae

Jumping Mice - Dipodidae

New World Porcupines - Erethizontidae

Cats - Felidae

Rabbits & Hares - Leporidae

Skunks - Mephitidae

Old World Rats & Mice - Muridae

Weasels & Otters - Mustelidae

Raccoons - Procyonidae

Squirrels - Sciuridae

Shrews - Soricidae

Hogs & Pigs - Suidae

Moles - Talpidae

Bears - Ursidae

Plain-Nosed Bats - Vespertilionidae

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Bureau of Wildlife Management
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Pennsylvania Game Commission
Bureau of Wildlife Management